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How to choose a Ceremony venue

Your main criteria will be:

-         Type of ceremony – civil ceremony, religious (catholic, protestant, other)

-         If your ceremony will be with legalities or just a symbolic one

–     Size of the venue to comfortably suit your guests

-         The look and feel of the Ceremony venue, of course

-         The time of year – whether you want it indoor or outdoor

  Day and Time of Ceremony

Some ceremony venues offer limited numbers of days or time of the day for weddings, depending on the register office rules for ceremonies.  


COCKTAIL HOUR - yes or no?

After your ceremony, you can have a cocktail hour. We recommend this as it gives you the option to mingle with your guests after the ceremony as well as take pictures.

This can be at the ceremony venues place, if venue-type and space allows,  or maybe on a boat cruise following your ceremony (for 1-2 hours) or directly at the wedding reception venue, which usually offers a suitable space for it: a terrace or garden, special room, foyer or part of the room where you dinner will be held.

 During the cocktail hour, drinks of your choice will be served (sparkling wine or champagne, cocktails, soft drinks etc.) and also canapes or any other kind of finger food per your choice.

Recommended number of canapes is 3-5 per person.


Music during your cocktail hour:  CD music or live music per your choice: string quartet, small jazz or swing band, pianist – all those can play into your dinner as well.



  You can choose between a served meal or a buffet-style dinner.  Most venues offer both options.

  A served menu can have 3, 4, 5 or more courses.

You can choose one of the pre-designed sample menus that your wedding coordinator will send you, mix and match some of the items on the menus to create your own (the venue chef will review your choices and if you allow, will make recommendations or comments when you possibly choose courses that are not suitable together).

 Most venues allow a choice of main course – ie. you can give your guests choice between 2 or 3 main courses.  Your guests have to make their choice before the wedding (ideally through your personal wedding website that we will create for you on the PragueWeddings website, for free of course), ideally 5-6 weeks before the wedding. 

Each venue of course offers choices for vegetarians and various allergies and special requirements, such as celiac diet, diary-free diet etc.


What are my drink options for the reception?

This is a special category to discuss, as many options are possible and because drinks will of course be a large part of your budget.

You can decide to pay for all drinks on your wedding day and evening, or pay for only limited choices: most of our couples decide to pay for sparkling wine, wine, beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee during the wedding day, and the guests buy liqueur, spirits and cocktails by themselves.

If you wish to keep your budget reasonable regarding drinks, you can limit the drinks to be served only until certain time, ie. untill after dinner, or until 22:00 etc.

Some venues offer „drink packages“ – ie. for example a package including unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks for 3 hours (4, 5…or more hours) at a certain charge per person. 

This has the advantage that you know how much money you will spend for drinks in advance.

Some venues only offer „per consumption“ drinks – ie. each drink is charged one by one (wine by bottles).

Children are of course only charged per soft drinks.

Choice of Wine

The wedding venues will provide a wine list to choose from. The wine offer changes every year, of course. If you are a wine connoisseur or just want to ensure your wine is available, we recommend choosing your wine… It is best to choose your wine max. 3-4 months in advance to secure that your chosen wine will be available.

Corkage fee at some venues

Some venues allow you to bring your own wine at a corkage fee. Or it allows you to have the specific wine you would like if its not otherwise available at the restaurant.

We can help you achieve savings on your budget by recommending good quality wine at a better price for you, and also buying and delivering it at your venue.  Even with paying corkage fee, the price per bottle of wine is sometimes lower.