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EWA Support & Advice

EWA is offering support and advice. You are not alone when you have a problem & looking for help or just second opinion:

EWA and its members is nearly and endless well of knowledge.

90%, 95% of even more of Clients a good, fair & respectable Clients. But there is always a small % of Clients that no matter how hard you work, you will not be able to satisfy.

Many are unreasonable and many will try to take advantage of one of you. Dont let this to happen.

Improve your contacts, terms of conditions, rules & communication. EWA is here to help too

Try to reach agreement with the Client if it seems hard or impossible EWA is here to offer mediation

And when worse come to worse, dont be affraid to defend your right legal way. We know its very difficult choice, time consuming, but you just cannot live and work under a fear.. resolve what needs to be resolved