2019-2020 European Wedding Academy - Courses Schedule



Would you like to offer your brides and grooms a special destination wedding?

Are you a wedding planner and would you like to know how to organise weddings for international couples in your destination? Or for local couples abroad?

Are you a wedding venue and would you like to know how to invite  couples from all over the world to have their dream wedding at your venue?  

We give you valuable know-how on destination wedding planning - incoming and outgoing.

Visit on of our Destination Wedding Courses accross Europe!

For more info please contact: ask@europeanweddingacademy.com


EWA China Course Highlights

From introduction to final touches of real wedding scenarios

European wedding customs and principles

How to work with european vendors

Negotiating with european vendors


How to choose the proper venue, things to watch out for and criteria


And much more...

EWA Asian Courses Certificate

EWA Wedding Course Cerfificate


Succesfull attendants will receive certificate and will be listed on EWA website